Terms and Conditions

On this site you will find information about products and services offered by SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. These are the terms and conditions applicable to the entry, use and interaction on this website, applications and electronic contact platforms of SCUTTI AMERICA, INC.

1. Acceptance of terms and conditions of the platforms/ privacy policy and use of personal data

When you enter, browse, register or provide information on this site, applications and social networks of SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. you acknowledge that you have read, understood and expressly agree to the terms and conditions of use.
When you log in and browse, you are not required to register or provide personal information. However, in some events, for example, to request quotes and in general to receive communications, you must share your personal data, for which you must first read the privacy policy and accept the use of personal data expressly.

2. Website content

SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. is a leading provider of dry bulk powder storage and handling solutions with a presence in the Americas and Europe.
Through this website, applications and social networks, SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. publishes information about the products and services it offers. This content is purely informative, SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. does not sell or establish any contractual relationship directly on this site.
You will also find a contact form for you to send communications, request information about products and services and quotations. For this purpose, you should consult the privacy policy of SCUTTI AMERICA, INC.

3. Information provided by the website visitor/contact form

This contact form made available by SCCUTTI AMERICA, INC requires personal information such as first name, last name and email address necessary to process your request. The personal information you share may also be used for other commercial purposes, to send you communications and offers, and to share it with third parties in a responsible manner in order to offer you service options.
Therefore, before filling out the form, please read the privacy policy carefully, so that you are aware of your rights and can limit the use of data and cookies on the site.

4. Use of Cookies

This website uses technology and tools that allow to generate a better browsing experience and facilitate access and consultation of content that is published. Cookies are small files that store information about the visit to the website called cookies.
There are different types of cookies: necessary for the use of the site and applications, performance, geolocation, registration, analytics and advertising. Necessary cookies cannot be modified; however, you can disable cookies that are not essential through the tools or settings menu of the browser used.
See the purposes of data processing in the privacy policy.

5. Intellectual Property Rights. Respect in the use of the site and platforms

SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. owns the published content including articles, data, documents, images, site infrastructure and web applications and platforms, software, domain name, design, script, trademarks, patents, products and any other publication or element of the website and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter that it uses directly or through its business units.
Consequently, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish or perform any activity in relation to the information, software, trademarks, domain name and, in general, to the protected content and technological elements.
It is forbidden to send or publish disrespectful and offensive content through the website or applications or in the forms available to interact with SCUTTI AMERICA INC.
SCUTTI AMERICA INC. reserves the right to remove communications or publications that it considers contrary to the values of the company and that may affect the company, subsidiaries, parent company, its employees, collaborators, suppliers, users of the website and other persons related or linked to it.

6. Information and links to third party sites

This website may contain information or links to other sites, pages, blogs and social networks of third parties. By accessing third party sites you are leaving the SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. website or application, for this reason please read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the links visited. SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. is not responsible for, does not endorse or approve the content posted on these third party sites.

7. Responsibility

SCUTTI AMERICA, INC. is not responsible for information published by third parties through links to this website. Nor is it responsible for the content, technical or scientific articles included in this site. Documents, articles, messages or references related to products and services or related projects do not constitute a technical concept of the company.